As part of the mission to foster community and support local, J-CASE sought out local talent in the art community here in Ottawa, ON. These unique pieces of art are available on the J-CASE and a donation is made to the artist on behalf of you! 

Here are the current artists working with J-CASE!


I'm a street artist. I am a classically trained art historian that has focused on art for everyone! I work with stickers, wheat paste, stencils, murals and wood. I like to collaborate with businesses and other artists. 

Street art is the purest form of art. You don’t need to pay money to go to a gallery. It is for everyone. I love putting things in the world to make it a little brighter and less dull.

Buying art from me, helps me be able to put more art out in the wild. I use all the money I make from art to put back into free art for the streets.


Jordan Childs

At a young age I was diagnosed with a brain tumor which motivated me to do what I love: art. My style as a doodle graffiti artist represents how life can be chaotic, but you can still find a balance within it. One thing I would say to anyone is that life has its ups and downs and you can't appreciate the good times without the bad times.

I discovered my style in Toronto but soon after moved back to my hometown: Ottawa. Moving back was the best decision I made for my career. Right away I was offered mural jobs, won the Faces Ottawa Awards for Best Visual Artist of 2021, as well as many more opportunities.

Thank you for supporting Art By Jordan Childs and contributing to a thriving arts community in Ottawa! @artbyjordanchilds

Hardi Vora 


I'm a local, Ottawa-based artist. My style is a blend of Impressionism, Realism and Minimalism (and sometimes a touch of Pop art). I often paint my emotions, thoughts, real-life moments and, nature with paint brushes, ink pens, charcoal pencils & apple pencil. I create my art pieces on several different mediums like paper, canvas, clay, wood, and more.

I'm so grateful to have grown up in a family where my creativity was encouraged. My father is an artist. Growing up, I've seen him picking up random pieces of wood, hardboards and paint cartoons, scenery, places he visited, and his imagination — this motivated me a lot. My sketches and paintings were celebrated and hung on the walls. This is the reason I never stopped sketching, painting & creating.

I'm very very much thankful to my local art community and artisans. I'm inspired everyday by amazing fellow artists of Ottawa. I connect with great local artists on Instagram and their work motivates me every time I lack inspiration or feeling down.

Thanking customers:
Hello there, I'm on cloud 9!
Thank you for supporting Art'oholic & contributing to a thriving arts community in Ottawa. Feel free to check out some of my work on Instagram!


If you are an artist yourself and would like to collaborate with us please contact:

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